Fælles Indbetalingskort

Fælles Indbetalingskort is an implementation of the danish FI-card payment system, which is a uniquely generated code consisting of an identification number (customer number or invoice number) an agreement number, which you get in your bank and a control digit.

Currently we support the card-type 71, which is suitable for simple payments of invoices in your customers' bank.

When you set it up you have to provide:

  1. an agreement number, which you can get in your bank.
  2. a desired syntax which can be either +71<{{customernumber,14}} +{{agreement,8}}< or +71<{{invoicenumber,14}} +{{agreement,8}}< depending on whether you want customer number or invoice number. The latter is recommended.
  3. A suffix 0 (use invoice number) or 3 (use debitor number) has to be added if you use e-conomic and have this enabled.

How to get a FI card id?

To receive FI payments when you send out invoices, you must first get hold of your bank and ask for an FI creditor number. Please note that some banks may charge fees.

Once you have this, you can start issuing FI cards as a payment solution.