Upodi integrate to a variety of online financial applications. Our integrations are certified and supported by us, and we always seek to introduce new integrations.
An online financial application is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) hosted solution available on the public internet using APIs.

You consent to share data with a 3rd party

If you accept to integrate and connect to external applications, Upodi will share data with the provider of the online financial application.

Upodi will automatically share the following data on request:

  • Customer data. This includes address, VAT number, contact details and contact persons.
  • Invoice data. This includes invoice quantity, lines, taxation, and totals.
  • Transactional data. This includes payment and invoice data, excluding sensitive payment data such as tokens and/or raw credit card details.

Upodi may from time to time share the following data on request:

  • Product data. Pricing, products and SKUs.

Offline integrations?

Upodi do not offer to integrate to on-premises or datacenter hosted solutions - this includes connecting with VPN to secure facilities. Our consultancy services can be solicited to provide batch jobs in data exchange.

Missing an integration?

If you miss an integration let us know. We drive annual investments to improve and extend our integrational offerings, or do customer-co-funded integrations on request.