State of billing

Upodi provide two states of billing. We refer to these as closed loop billing or manual billing.

Closed loop billing

Closed loop billing is defined when Upodi handles the whole subscription cycle and automatically generates the invoice. Closed loop billing does not require any user interaction and help automate billing on dates as even of trigger.

The trigger is an active subscription with an active charge with an upcoming charge date. The output of a closed loop billing is an invoice. If auto billing of the customer is set to true, the invoice will be processed for payment and distributed. Otherwise the invoice is left as a draft for alterations.

Please be aware that closed loop billing is adhering to bill to parent.

Manual billing

Manual billing is defined when a user via the web portal of API creates a new invoice as draft, alters this and books the invoice. Manual billing can create invoice and/or credit notes and are not automated by design.

Please be aware that manual billing is not protected by bill to parent.